11+ Entry

Apply for 11+ assessment for Saturday 4 February 2017

Entrance to the Schools is selective but great care is taken to assess children on a wide range of abilities and to look for potential not just test performance. The Admissions Registrars are happy to send sample 11+ papers and to guide each family through the entrance procedure.

For more information on assessments for entry, sample papers or to arrange a visit, please get in touch with our admissions departments:

Monmouth School Admissions – Boys, 11-18: Day and Boarding

Contact Monmouth School Admissions Registrar – Mrs Diane Jakes on:

Tel: 01600 710433
Email: admissions@monmouthschool.org

General Entry Assessments for boys aged 11 include written tests in English, mathematics and Verbal Reasoning, together with an informal interview and a report from present school.  The English and mathematics papers are largely based upon levels 1 to 4 of the National Curriculum. (Maths and English sample papers for entry to the senior school are available from the Admissions Secretary or online)

Download our Maths and English Sample Paper here (PDF – 751Kb)
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HMSG Admissions – Girls, 11-18: Day and Boarding

Contact Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls Admissions Registrar – Mrs Karen Stafford-Smith on:

Tel: 01600 711104
Email: admissions@hmsg.co.uk

Assessments for entry at 11 include an interview, a report from the current school, and written tests in English and mathematics.  We try to interview the girls before the written assessments so that they have the opportunity to visit the school and meet a member of staff, whom they may see again on the morning of the written assessments.

We try to ensure the interview is as relaxed as possible, giving girls the chance to talk about the things they enjoy and are involved in.  During the interview they are asked to read an unseen passage out loud.  The written assessments in mathematics and English are based on the National Curriculum levels 1 to 5.
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Reasons to choose Monmouth Schools

  • 400 year track record of delivering educational excellence 1614 – 2014
  • Monmouth School and HMSG excellent in every category in recent ESTYN Inspections
  • A family of schools geared to realise the full potential of girls and boys, with over 300 boarders
  • All the advantages of single-sex education with many joint activities
  • 30 A level subjects with a coordinated timetable run across Monmouth School & HMSG
  • Excellent results enabling the vast majority of pupils to gain places at their first choice universities
  • Average 65% Russell Group University and over 10 pupils annually to Oxford or Cambridge
  • Superb facilities for teaching, sport, music and drama
  • 60 pupils have national sporting honours & there is a full fixture list against top UK Schools
  • Competitive fees and generous array of scholarships and bursaries
  • Accompanied airport transport: Birmingham – 1 hour, Heathrow – 2 hours

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