The Governing Body plays an important strategic role in the life of the Schools and is responsible for determining the aims and overall conduct of the Schools. It sets and reviews policies, strategies and procedures to ensure the best possible education for present and future pupils and has responsibility for the financial control of the Schools.

The Governors give their time voluntarily, receiving no payment and for continuity are generally expected to serve at least 4 years on the governing body. They offer a blend of skills and experience to help guide and direct the Schools. The criteria for the appointment of governors are laid down by the Trust Deed of the William Jones Foundation and the Governing Body includes:  the Master of the Haberdashers’ Company, an Oxford, Cambridge and Cardiff University don; a representative from Monmouthshire County Council; a number of local people ~ some of whom may also be Old Monmothians, current or past parents.

Potential governors are generally recommended to the Chairman by the Haberdashers’ Company and by existing Board members. The Board normally includes governors with experience in education, business, law, accountancy, public health or the medical profession and property. When selecting replacement governors, the aim is to retain this balance of professional expertise.

The Governors operate across the five Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools but divide responsibility for key areas into smaller committees covering the individual schools, finance and estates, ICT, marketing and pensions. The senior schools committee Chairmen also sit on the Finance and Estates Committee and plays a valuable supporting role for the Head.

The Main Board Chairman is a senior Haberdasher appointed by the Trustees who holds overall responsibility for the governance of the Schools.

The Governors can be contacted through the Clerk to the Governors:

A list of the governing body is set out below with a code to highlight which committees each governor sits on.

Sheridan Swallow  P Alderman M Anderson  P Baird
Chairman: JBS Swallow Esq  P M Alderman MHC Anderson Esq Dr PEG Baird
S Clayton M Davidson C Davies Prof S Denyer
 Mrs S Clayton Mr M D Davidson Mrs C J Davis Professor Stephen Denyer
C Hardie
M Henderson
Canon Hiscocks
D Hitchcock
Mr CRS Hardie Mrs M K Henderson Canon EJS Hiscocks DJ Hitchcock Esq
H Hutton Dr J Kelly Murray Kerr Tessa Pike
Miss H Hutton Dr J Kelly AM Kerr Esq Mrs T Pike
R Rose Sue White    
Mrs R Rose Councillor S White    
Fiona Creasey      
Clerk to the Governors:
Mrs Fiona Creasey